Clock Repair Center

Clock Repair and Restoration by Cuckooland's Experienced Horologists.

As well as having this unique collection of cuckoo clocks, Cuckooland also offers visitors the opportunity to view a large collection of authentic Black Forest tools and machines as well as a vintage motorcycle collection the two brothers have collected over the years.

A Cuckoo clock is not just a clock that you have at home and treat like any other clock. The cuckoo clock has a meaning as every cuckoo clock is unique, hard to replace and probably has an importance to you. When you come across a problem with your cuckoo clock, you do not just get rid of your clock and start looking for a new clock. If you are throwing a cuckoo clock away your memories goes with it. Bring your cuckoo clock or mechanical clock to the Cuckooland museum, we are proud to offer cuckoo clock repair service and any mechanical clock repair service by our experienced horologists.

Contact us to find out more information about our clock repair service or a quote.

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